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Why Ejaz?

We take care of the projects that we have developed for more than 15 years to meet all the needs of our customers and provide them with the required level of quality, luxury and creativity.

Planning ss

In Ejaz, we carry out the architectural planning process for the project, taking into account all the requirements of the Kingdom to provide distinguished housing for the beneficiaries of the project and provide all services, facilities, amenities, safety, and the distinguished location of the project to serve the movement process and make it more flexible.

Project management ss

We supervise, direct and follow up with engineers, workers and technicians, and employ the budget according to the requirements of the project, to proceed according to the set plan and adhere with you to the delivery dates to ensure a satisfactory service that suits your aspirations.

Project management
Interior and exterior design ss

We work hard to provide the best designs according to international design standards to make use of spaces and make your units more comfortable and luxurious. We also offer you exterior designs that suit the general Saudi taste and provide an aesthetic look that suits you.

Interior and exterior design
Implementation of decorative works ss

We carry out decorative works by selecting the best quality materials that are compatible with our vision of the project, and we implement them with the highest quality through our distinguished team of highly experienced people.

Implementation of decorative works
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